04/2019 Newsletter

Kaunglanhpu youths.hg
Ministry Update April 2019 God's Provision Judah and his son Jonathan just recently returned from a life changing trip to visit a remote area in northernmost Myanmar (Burma), where they were invited to speak at two youth camps. They first had to fly from their home and the main campus in Yangon, about...
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Tangshing Pong

Tanshing Pong
In 2012 Tangshing Pong left his large family when he was just 14 years old to come to the Putao Orphanage to seek a better life. He lived in Wuning village near Kaunglanhpu (where Judah and Jonathon recently travelled) which is high in the mountains north of Putao near the border with China....
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01/2019 Newsletter

Christmas 2018 hg

Ministry Update January 2019 January 2019 Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters, I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy New Year and thanking so many of you for your continued support and prayers. Some of you have been faithful supporters from the start of our ministry in 2002 and…

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08/2018 Newsletter

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Ministry Update August 2018 August 2018 Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters, This has been a very challenging season in our country and in our ministry. The monsoon rains came a month early this year and have been extremely heavy.  Because of all the standing water, many mosquitos breed and people get sick due...
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Aye Aye

Aye Aye arrived first at Yangon orphanage six years ago.  She came from a very poor family. She has both parents but her father is a disabled man and could not work, and her mother is working hard to feed the whole family. One of the local preachers there asked if we would...
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Jung Byaw

Jung Byaw is located west of Yangon in the state of Ayeyarwady which is in the delta region of Myanmar. This is an area that was virtually unreached by the gospel, until a few years ago.  Judah Tangshing had visited this area bringing disaster relief after a tsunami devastated the region. He then...
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Gay Gee

Gay Gee baptism
The story of Gay Gee is so encouraging! As a young child from a very poor family in Myanmar, his future prospects seems very dim. Had he not made it to Judah’s orphanage in Yangon, his options would most likely have been: being left at a Buddhist monastery to be raised as a...
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1/2018 Newsletter

Myanmar Logo
Ministry Update January 2018 January 2018 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in this season of our Savior Jesus’ birth and in the New Year! May you have a wonderful peace brought from our Heavenly Father. Church and Outreach I traveled with a team from Wireless Church to several areas of Myanmar...
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Mao Aung

Myo Aung (2)

Myo Aung is a tenacious young man who came to the Yangon Orphanage in 2013 to seek an education and a chance at having a better life. He left his mother and 5 sibling in their small village in northern Myanmar and traveled over 950 miles, some on foot, in order to reach…

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Mai Ruth

Mai Ruth

Mai Ruth was 5 when her father died and her mother and siblings fell into great poverty. Mai Ruth longed to be able to attend school and get an education, but was not able to. Through a series of divine appointments, Mai Ruth came to live at the Yangon Orphanage where she thrived…

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