Ngatzu Pongziramedited
Ngatzu Kodangedited

These 2 children (Ngatzu Kodang, Ngatzu Pongziram) are from Wuning Village near Kanglanhpu and are brother and sister. They are from a very large family that is extremely poor, and their mother is in poor health. Several years ago their parents decided to send them to Putao to seek help. This was a long and hard journey for them, taking over a week of walking through treacherous mountain areas. They were brought to Mission Myanmar’s orphanage in Putao and were accepted. Now they are both doing very well in school and are set to graduate from high school this year. Once they complete high school they will have many positive options available to them that they never would have had if they had not come to Putao and been accepted into the orphanage. Without the help from Mission Myanmar, they would not have been able to go to school and would their life would most likely have been spent working in the rice fields.