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Ministry Update
July 2020


Dear Supporters,

The coronavirus is spreading quickly around the world and here in Myanmar, like many places, we are ordered to stay at home. It is a hard adjustment and not our normal, but God is good and we are safe and fine. Much has happened since our last newsletter.

Your prayers and sacrificial giving have equipped us with the funds needed to complete our multipurpose building in Yangon. This building was in need of a new roof as well as finishing touches of paint, and repairs to bathrooms caused by leaks. As of this newsletter, almost all have been completed.

Judah explains:
The water was leaking badly in the monsoon at the three-level building and this project was big.  We understand that because of Covid 19, everyone in the world is suffering from it in one way or some way, and we should not ask the supporters for help.  But you all are very generous and now the need of the project is fully funded.  The kids enjoy it and now they can hang up their wet clothes on that top-level safely. In the past, it took them about three days to get their wet clothes dry in the rainy season. They needed to move another dry place at midnight when it was raining in the monsoon because of leaking. Now they can sleep well and can dry their clothes in a day. This has been a slow project due to the virus. We cannot hire more than 5 workers at a time. 
To date, many other building issues (toilets, water storage tanks, rotted walls on another building) have been fixed or replaced.  Also, the Jung Byaw Children’s home and areas of the Yangon Children’s home have now been freshly painted and they look great!


Ti Ma Dang story:

Ti Ma Dang just turned 17 and has been living in Yangon Children’s Home since she was in the second grade. Her parents died when she was very young and she has an older sister who lives in China. They have not seen each other in over 6 years. When she was about five years old, she was in terrible bus accident. They were riding in a bus in high mountains near China when the bus went off a cliff. There were eight passengers and Ti Ma Dang was one of 4 that survived. She said she got injured badly and was put in a hospital in China. She still has a scar on her lip as a reminder. She is very sweet, talented, a hard worker, and says that she really enjoys living at the Yangon Children’s Home. She would like to stay and become a house mother once she graduates from college. She never complains, enjoys her life and brings lots of joy to everyone around her. God has surely been faithful to her and has great plans for her life. Below is a photo of Ti Ma Dang and another child hanging their clothes up to dry under the new elevated roof on the Yangon 3 story multipurpose building. Sponsoring a child really does make a difference. Thank you for supporting us and for sponsoring children like Ti Ma Dang.


Family Update from Judah:

Our son James is in Putao staying with his blood brother and family and working in phone repair service. He is talented in fixing broken things. He has a girlfriend there and it seems they are getting along well. He enjoys living in Putao because he wants to be with his girlfriend there. She is a good girl for him. Jonathan plans to attend Bible College in States, but the TOEFL test centers are closed now and hard to plan for his further study. Please pray for him that God will show him His plan. Zamiwayne finished high school in June and is studying hard to take a test of IGCSE. That test supposed to be in last May, but because of Covid 19, the test is rescheduled to November. Samuel finished grade 8 and is excited for his new grade 9. In our family, we have been studying the word of God two times a day and we finished the books of Acts, Matthew, Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, and our next book is Numbers. My daughter Zamiwayne and I have been teaching English to the children at the Yangon Children’s home since March. It is a blessing for all of us!

Zamiwayne teaching


1. Thanks to our generous supporters, the roof leak is fixed!

2. No one at any of our locations has contracted Covid 19 virus!

3. Family Bible study and English lessons to children are going well. (pictured above)

4. The Putao Children’s Home bridge has also been fixed! (this story will be in our next newsletter)

5. First baptism during Covid crisis was performed by Kinjong Dee. This was done in secret due to his being the first in his family to give his life to Christ. This is also a prayer request, as he is afraid to let his family or community know. (pictured below)

6. We were able to purchase 3 motorcycles for evangelists and will buy one more when we are allowed to travel. (pictured below)



1. On July 3, 2020, there was a terrible disaster in a massive Jade mine in Pa Khant, near Myitkyina in Katchin State (northern Myanmar). Due to the unsafe practices used in these mines, there was a huge landslide that killed over 167 (still unearthing bodies) and injured 86. One of our former Yangon Children’s Home kids, May Zindar, lost her 26-year-old brother in this tragedy. She left the Yangon home to live with him because he made money at this jade mine and was able to support her. We will reach out to her to see if we can help. Myanmar supplies 90% of the world’s jade!

2. There continues to be civil war going on in several areas of Myanmar. Refugees are staying in public schools that have been closed due to Covid 19, monasteries, and local Christian buildings. This is a very difficult and serious situation, but God is reaching some because of our faithful and brave evangelists who are sharing the Gospel in these areas.

We greatly thank you all of your prayers and generous support as we continue to trust our Lord and savior Jesus Christ during this difficult time throughout our entire world.
Judah and Khaw Tangshing


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