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Building a Future Through God's Love and Provision


Myanmar has many “street children.” Some estimate that 15% of the children in Myanmar are homeless. Often they are forced by their parents to beg on the streets, work long hours in businesses or join the military. Some run away to the jungles to look for work in the gold mines and often die there of malaria. They do adult labor, work extremely long hours, earn little salary, and often become sick and malnourished. The children learn inappropriate language and morals, and their life becomes a nightmare, without the promise of a better future.

Many children, both on and off the street, are orphans. Malaria and tuberculosis are the two main causes of death in Myanmar.  Sometimes parents give up their children voluntarily to orphanages or Buddhist monasteries because they cannot afford to take care of them, and they realize that someone else could give their children the hope and future they cannot.



Ideally, children are highly valued, and education is considered the highest priority for children in Myanmar.  Realistically, most families can not afford to send their children to school.  This is due to the high poverty rate coupled with the lack of information and availability of birth control.  While school is free, the books, clothing and other supplies needed are not, and parents often need their children to stay home and babysit siblings or work in the rice fields. Often, families with many children choose one of them to receive an education at the expense of all of the other siblings.  This can often create bitterness and resentment.  We want to help children receive an education in a healthy Christian environment.

sponsorYou can support the Orphanage Sponsorship Program is several ways. Completing the payment form is the fastest and most efficient way to support Judah Tangshing’s orphanages in Yangon and Putao.

  • Clothing
  • Clean water and nutritious food
  • A safe, Godly home to live, learn and grow
  • Regular health evaluations & medical supplies
  • Education in public school
  • Bible classes and practical skills for living
  • Godly counsel and unconditional love

With Orphanages in multiple locations across Myanmar, you sponsorships help Mission Myanmar provide vulnerable children with Christian oversight, loving care, safe housing, medical attention, nutritious food, clean water, and education from preschool through college.

The cost of orphan care in Myanmar has risen over the past few years, most noticeably in the area of education. While public school is free, it does not provide uniforms, books, supplies, lunches or tutoring. Tutoring has become necessary in order for the children to succeed and pass their exams. Because of this, it is necessary for us to change the sponsorship share amounts for the children.  Over the past 15+ years, the sponsorships have remained $30/month/child. The amount currently required to properly care for and educate the children is $45/month/child.  Please click here to Sponsor a Child.


In 2012 a small church plant in Bago grew to include a thriving preschool. They started with just 3 children and now have over 30. It became clear that an orphanage was also needed, so the preschool is now also an orphanage for a small group of the most vulnerable children.  In 2015, another preschool was established in Bago. These preschools are offered for free to the community, and make it possible for parents to work without having to worry about their children being with them or left on their own. While in school the children not only learn and play, but they are taught songs and stories about Jesus! These teachers are passionate about reaching the lost in Bago and ministering to the young children has proven to be a successful outreach method in this area.

Grade School through High School:

Children in Mission Myanmar orphanages attend public schools. These schools have grades 1-11 and successful graduation with a diploma depends on the student passing a rigorous exam. They may retake this exam but must wait a year between retakes. English is taught in the schools, but it is taught by teachers that for the most part, do not competently speak or understand English themselves. Because of this, Judah hires tutors to help those students who struggle with their classes and exams. For children to become successful in Myanmar, it is becoming more and more vital for them to have a working grasp of the English language. While public schools are free, they require the students to wear uniforms, bring lunches, and purchase all school supplies. Because of this, many families can not afford to send their children to school.

University, Bible College, Technical School:

Older youths and young adults that have successfully graduated from high school and earned a diploma may choose to go on to higher education at a University or Bible College. Others may choose to go to a Trade or Technical School. Mission Myanmar wants to enable children to become successful and productive. Many who choose to go to Bible College end up becoming evangelists or may choose other ways to share the Gospel through a variety of ministry opportunities. Judah recently hired as his assistant pastor for the Wireless Church of Christ, a young man whom Judah taught at a Bible College several years ago. The founder and teacher of the preschool in Bago grew up going to Wireless Church of Christ and later went to Bible College. She earned her degree, married a preacher, and together they moved to Bago to establish a church and now a preschool and orphanage!

You can support the Bible College Student Sponsorship Program is several ways.

Your monthly sponsorship provides a Bible College student with:

  • Housing
  • Clean water and nutritious food
  • Tuition
  • Books

Many of the orphans from Judah and Khaws orphanage are called by God to attend Bible College in Myanmar. Then many of the students after they graduate become an evangelist in Myanmar. These young men and women then go out and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the many lost, idol worshiping souls within their country. Please consider supporting these warriors for Christ and their dedication to preaching the Gospel.

Sponsor a Child or Student Today

Building a Future Through God's Love and Provision