100% of Giving Goes to Myanmar

About Our Children's Homes

Loving People, Sharing the Gospel, Transforming Lives

With homes for vulnerable children located in Yangon, Jung Byaw, Putao and other locations across Myanmar, your Children’s Home Sponsorship helps provide all of our children with loving Christ centered care. We provide safe housing, medical attention, nutritious food, clean water, and educational support for kids from Preschool through college. All children are covered by support received whether a specific child has been selected or the gift was designated Children’s Home Sponsorship. You have the option to select a child to pray for and even occasionally correspond through email via our website. You can also give a once/year special birthday donation to your selected child. All communications and support are delivered by Judah or Khaw Tangshing, who oversee all of these homes. If for any reason the child you selected leaves one of our homes, we will do our best to notify you. Our Children’s Homes rosters are updated once each year.

Current support options are: Child Support: $30 (1 share) Educational Support $15 (1 share) or Full Support: $45/mo (2 shares)

Current focus: Pray for Peace in Myanmar

On February 1, 2021 the military in Myanmar seized control of the country’s government in a coup and arrested civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi along with hundreds of members of her National League for Democracy (NLD). To learn more about this just do an internet search under Myanmar News for the latest information.  You can also click on our latest Newsletter below to learn how our ministry has been directly impacted.