Gay Gee baptism

The story of Gay Gee is so encouraging! As a young child from a very poor family in Myanmar, his future prospects seems very dim. Had he not made it to Judah’s orphanage in Yangon, his options would most likely have been: being left at a Buddhist monastery to be raised as a monk, being abandoned in a jungle to fend for himself and most likely contracting malaria or TB, becoming a street child with begging, slave labor, or abduction as his most likely outcomes. But, because he was brought to the orphanage he received: a formal education, good health care, unconditional love and acceptance, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was baptized. He now is healthy, happy, and full of hope!  His Real Life sponsors made it possible for him to have a place to live and have a future and a hope. Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of impact on a child?