Abungdam Marysan
At the age of 17, Abungdam Marysan (Mary) has just reached a huge turning point in her life, and one that on average, only 32% of the students in Myanmar achieve. She finished her high school classes (11th grade), took her end of the year exam, and passed with flying colors!! This puts her on the road to attending University next school year. Right now she is using her talents to tutor her peers over the summer months at their orphanage in Putao.  Mary came to live in the orphanage at the age of 11 and started attending the 6th grade at the local public school.  She was always an obedient child and serious student who excelled in all of her school work and passed every end of the year exam. (These exams are given every few years and must be passed to progress on to the next grade. The 11th grade exam is extremely rigorous and many are not able to pass it. They are allowed to retake the exam, but only after waiting one full year and they may not repeat 11th grade.) We are happy to report that Mary was just one of several children who successfully passed this exam!  If she had not been in Mission Myanmar’s orphanage in Putao, she would never have been able to reach this important milestone in her life. We are so proud and excited for all that God is doing in her life and look forward to all she can accomplish for His glory. We congratulate all of those who successfully graduated and look with great joy and anticipation at all that they will do to bring glory to God over the course of their lives.  We also pray for those that did not pass the exam.  We pray that those who desire to retake it next year will be successful.
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