We started sharing the gospel in 2004 in Jung Byaw, a very spiritually dark area in the delta region of Myanmar. Despite this challenge some came to know the Lord and got baptized. Because of this, we were searching for a person who could go and take care of the new converts and continue to share the gospel in that area. God led us to meet with R. Pongsar who is from our hometown of Putao. He was very eager to accept this challenge. We sent him to that area and we have been supporting him ever since. Because of the gospel he has been sharing, many more have come to know the Lord. Many challenges and opposition did come because the area is Buddhist and the local monks and authorities did not like having Christians there. He was arrested and put in jail one night, but the next day, the church members were able to negotiate to the police and he was released. He is very active to share the gospel to unreached people. He is married and has 2 small children. He pastors a slowly growing church of about 40 people. He also runs an orphanage that houses 20 children.