Phyu Phyu Kaing’s home town of Bamauk is a completely Buddhism area. She grew up in a very difficult and pitiful situation with parents who were divorced. Evangelist Kin Jong Sein and his family moved into that area, and they got a chance to meet with her and her family. Phyu Phyu Kaing started attending Sunday school class and she heard more and more about Jesus’ message. Gradually the seeds of the gospel that were planted in her heart grew and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Then Khin Jong Sein sent Phyu Phyu Kaing to Bible school at the Eastern Bible Institute in Yangon where Mission Myanmar supported her until she graduated. She then worked as a housemother in Yangon orphanage and led the women’s ministry in Wireless church for several years. In 2014, she felt called to return to her village in Bamauk where her family still lived. She currently works part-time for the local pastor, Kin Jong Sein, and also teaches school. She has a big heart and recently took in 2 children who were abandoned by their parents due to drugs and war. She loves and cares for them in her home. She is a gifted musician and also enjoys creating beautiful jewelry and sculpting food. This beautiful and gifted young woman is using her gifts and talents in serving the Lord. She struggles with issues of being away from the dynamic ministry in Yangon where many believers surrounded her. She is now in an area that is steeped in Buddhism, where the church is growing, but very slowly. She would like prayer that God moves in her community and family and uses her to be a light of love and hope to them so that they can give their hearts to Jesus as she did. She continues to receive some monthly support from her sponsor in the US. For that she is very grateful.