Kin Jong Sein attended Putao Bible School, and after graduating he married Sarah (Khaw’s elder sister), and they moved to Wunthu area, an unreached area in Sagaing division. They were there for about four years and then they moved to Pyin Oo Lwin Christian Church for him to be a pastor for four years.  But his heart was drawn to commit to reaching the unreached areas of Myanmar. He prayed and then he got support from an organization called Asia Christian Services ($100 per month) and his family went to Bamauk area in 2000. It is a very restricted, isolated, and unreached area and Muslims are not allowed to live there. It is difficult for a new family to settle there. For two years they struggled with immigration papers, got sick with malaria, and many times he was called by the police, local authorities and monks to explain or change what he was doing.

After several years, Asia Christian Services had financial difficulties and it stopped supporting them.  Despite this, Kin Jong Sein’s family (which now included 4 children) did not give up and they stayed in that area for two more years without getting any support.  But after 2 years they needed to make a change, and decided to move back to Putao.  At that point we encouraged them to stay and we brought them under Mission Myanmar support. The monk kicked his first four new family converts out of the village.  He got a big burden to take care of them. The monk who kicked out his new believers was caught with pornography and the other Buddhists kicked him out and a new monk came. The new one continues to be mean to the new believers. Thankfully, Kin Jong Sein now has a very good reputation in that area.  At one time, a monastery had division, one part of the two divided groups, told Kin Jong Sein that they would like to be Christians and said that they are not content with their religion. So Kin Jong Sein made a plan to teach them the Bible.  The number of the people that was to attend the gathering was about 300.  But the authorities found out and put a stop to it. They threatened to jail them if they tried that again.

Despite these hardships, the gospel is spread among many villages and he has several villages having believers, near and far. The villages where he has believers are Ting Sung, Nyong Che Tauk,  Jung Tharya and other villages – and he needs more evangelists to help him, and buildings to have worship. They all feel that the Lord called them to be there and they serve through hardships so that spiritual fruits are produced there.